Assets Workflow in My Memory of Us: PSD Importer

Hi! It’s been a while since we posted anything – the launch time left us in the busiest period in the history of Juggler Games (shout out to our friends at Crunching Koalas for making the simultaneous release on 3 platforms possible!). But today we are describing one of our most commonly used tools.

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Level scripting in My Memory of Us: Game Actions

Today we want to give you a general look at how we are making our game and the engine that powers most of the interactions – Game Action System. We know that we could be slightly more creative when picking up the name for it, but hey, it works.

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Welcome to our Dev Blog!

Here at Juggler Games, we are working hard in order to deliver My Memory of Us in just a few months from now. However, we decided that towards the end of the development we might have some spare time to sit down for a moment and reflect on how are we doing things. This leads

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Our first PAX East

Being at PAX East was a great opportunity to see our game from journalist’s perspective. We also received and amazing feedback from the players.

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My Memory of Us Teaser Trailer

My Memory of Us is a reminiscence of a friendship between a boy and a girl. A friendship made during tough times. Times of terror, pain, and exclusion in a world where people were forced to live in two artificially detached worlds.  

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