Our first PAX East

Posted: 30/03/2017

Being at PAX East was a great opportunity to see our game from journalist's perspective.
We also received and amazing feedback from the players.

They need to be remembered, through one of the most powerful mediums, which are games.

These words define our game better than a thousand reviews. If you want to know how Polygon sees My Memory of Us,
check more by Charlie Hall.

Sarah LeBoeuf from ArcadeSushi showed us that "despite the innocent façade, this was indeed a serious story—and one that’s sadly much too relevant in our current political climate."
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"A stunning tale of war, loss, and love."
- that's how Logan Wilkinson of IrrationalPassions sees My Memory of Us "Bleak, clever, full of heart and sorrow and tales of love, My Memory of Us caught me up in an emotional whirlwind and took me for a ride I never expected."
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ManlyBadassHero visited our booth during Pax East and gave his impressions in this video. My Memory of Us preview starts at 5:32.

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