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Posted: 21/05/2018

Here at Juggler Games, we are working hard in order to deliver My Memory of Us in just a few months from now. However, we decided that towards the end of the development we might have some spare time to sit down for a moment and reflect on how are we doing things. This leads us to the creation of this development blog! It is a way for us to share some of our experience of the last two years with both our fans and the whole indie community that has been supporting us during this journey.

Also, there is a big chance that this is not going to be a regular blog - more like "Our Memories of Development". We will focus on certain features of our game from both design and technical standpoint. And, let's be honest - not all of these stories are tales of wonder - some are straight up frightening.

That said, see you around soon!

My Memory of Us Dev Team

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